Thursday, August 2, 2007


On the differences between campus and current work environment - some small observations I have made, 3 months into my new job now...

On a car costing ~RM100k-
campus: "She's very rich ok, see the car she's driving!"
now: "Oh, this car is very cheap only..."

On money matters-
campus: "What, you got RM100 increment?!! That's A LOT ok? I got RM50 only!"
now: "They're asking very little money la... RM1.2mil only"
recently: "... RM1bil ... very small amount ..." (unable to remember the rest of the statement due to being too dazed)

When others talk loudly on their handphones-
campus: "Baby got cry today? Got drink milk or not?"
now: "You see that share ar, when reach the price I told you, sell!!!"

On getting stationery-
campus: You need to record every single item you take, and bring your used pens to exchange for new ones...
now: When being given an extra set, told the secretary, only to have her say "Nevermind, just take it!"

During presentation time-
campus: Sit upright; serious; speak clearly, politely, answer all questions truthfully and to the point, no beating around the bush, no arguing with evaluators.
now: Slouch; shake legs; answer phone; read & reply SMS; walk in and out; beat around any bush you like; argue all you please; eat (the eating part I like :P)

Noise level (on a scale of 1 - 10)-
campus: noise = (sozy_is_in)?10:5;
now: usually 1, at most 2 only...

Unpleasant smells-
campus: Body odours! UGH.
now: Post-cigarette-break odours! UGH.

Sexy female staff:
campus: Show legs :D~
now: Show cleavage and bare shoulders :P~

Back to work, back to work!


Joo said...

I like the last part....that baring thingie

Monya said...

Sexy female staff:
campus: Show legs :D~
now: Show cleavage and bare shoulders :P~
wow! ur office ladies so geng one? but they wun feel cold kah?


Well, that is the differences between Corporate life and Campus life... and there will be more differences when you 'sink' deeper into the cultures... have fun

neil said...

joo - I think most men would appreciate that ;)

monya - I don't know how the sexy lady survive the cold... somehow she does! heheh

polar bear - thanks

polarbear said...

Well, as Neil put it the way sexy dne pretty, means that their skin must be pretty thick, so when skin is thick, a person does not scare of cold.