Monday, August 20, 2007

Conversations of Anons

It was about 5.30pm on a Friday, and Anon1 told me "Sien lar... wanna go home now" "Me too" I said. A little bit more whinning later, Anon1 said "share something with u so u can have stomach cramp" (cramp resulting from keeping from laughing out loud). This is what Anon1 shared with me:

i said "thank you for your help Anon2." Anon2 replied "it's my pressure." PRESSure???? hello??? did i tell u about the EXIT thing? Anon2 said "you cannot use this must use the loading exist. if u need to use this exist, please inform the security in advance in order for them to help you to exist." okie, called her to ask where to meet for our meeting "which floor Anon2?" Anon2 said "village floor." "huh?? village?" "yes.....village floor." "ermm...*scratch head*...can u pls spell it?" and Anon2 said " R-E-L-I-S-H......village floor." duh!!! lucky she can spell.

By this time, I was not only having severe abdominal spasms, but also hiccups and at risk of internal organs bleeding. Obviously Anon1 does not like Anon2. I asked if there is a photo of Anon2 I can look at. Anon1 provided me with one. There were a few people in the shot. "Which one is Anon2?"

the one like "tin kai" one. and a face so tembam like bread rendam-ed in water for one nite

I laughed so hard at this I temporarily lost the ability to type...

Thanks, Anon1, for such an amusingly grand finale to last week :D

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