Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Scary Month

The gates of hell have opened, and the spirits are free to roam on earth for a whole month, starting from yesterday (1st day of the 7th lunar month). I have personally observed that road accidents happen frequently and abundantly during this time every year, and heard quite a number of stories of "sightings" and "incidents". I know many people "don't believe in ghosts" but still, it doesn't hurt to be more careful and a little superstitious for the next 30 days or so.

Some things to take note of:
1. Don't speed on the roads (for obvious reasons)
2. Don't stay too late in the office (unless you don't mind 'company')
3. Don't go out at night ('yin' energy is too strong)
4. Don't look into mirrors in the middle of the night (it's a path to 'their' world)
5. Don't hang clothes out to dry at night ('they' may get trapped in them)
6. Don't leave bathroom doors open when you sleep (the bad energy will flow out)

Polar Bear suggested the following as well:
7. Don't wear black (black means 'black luck')
8. Don't swim (many 'friends' are looking for replacement)
9. Don't take photos (photos may show some 'extra friends')

Believe it or not, just becareful. It's the Hungry Ghost Festival. (anyone has anymore to add to the list?)



Since, when YL became a superstitious 'housewife'??? But, thanks for the tips.

Anonymous said...

and the Hungry Ghost Festival only lasted 15 days and not a month...

cher-ry said...

erm....u r scaring me Nee Lee. Someone gimme some joss sticks, candle, almanac, mirror or whatever to protect me!!!

or shall I just burn hell money to them???

neil said...

polar bear - thanks for your input

anonymous - I think it's the whole month la...

bee ree - I am more scared than you. I scare myself all the time :P

Joo said...

Remember to bring around extra hell money change so you can bribe the officials (bull head, horse face) if anything should happen to u O_o

neil said...

joo you're over-imaginative (in a scary way...)


You know in China, I forgotten the name of the place, where around this month, the vendors will ask you to throw your money into a pail of water... do you know why? Because they wanted to makesure the money does not change to hell money... But this was long long time ago when they are using gold or silver coins... hehehe, just some info... and the celebration is only 1/2 a month and on the 15th, is another Kuan Yin Festival to signaled the end of Hungry Ghost Festival.