Sunday, October 21, 2007

Bodoh Bodoh Lunch

After being postponed 3 times, it finally happened. We were to meet at 1pm. The earliest to arrive was 10 mins late. The latest was close to 30 mins late, and it was because she actually thought the appointment was at 1.30pm. It was the first time the girls from Unihostel House No 12 got together, since everyone graduated. There were 6 of us in the house, but only 4 of us made it today. We met for lunch. The restaurant, built upon a Balinese theme, was renamed Bodoh Bodoh by my over-creative roomie, Bee Ree. Both she and Shell Shell looked great, whereas Mee Mee looked like she just woke up. It was strange and exhilarating to see them all at once. To sit down with them, all together again, after so many years was... funny.

Funny, that it didn't seem like years had passed since we last spent time together as a group. Funny, that it didn't seem like I hadn't met Shell Shell in about 6 years, and really funny that this (extremely rare) lunch gathering felt as familiar as if we've been in the habit of doing it all along. There were questions and answers, teasing and laughter, even a few slaps on arms. I enjoyed their company so much I didn't really taste the food I ate (therefore, can't say much about food at Bodoh Bodoh) Bee Ree got me a gift for my birthday (thank you so much! you shouldn't have...) and even entertained me with her classic facial expression () a couple of times. Mee Mee had gifts for everyone too (thank you!!!).

After lunch, Shell Shell had to leave. Bee Ree and I were not so ready to call it a day yet, so we crashed into Mee Mee's residence. There we took some photos, took some really silly photos and talked our hearts out. Yes, we talked our hearts out even though Mee Mee's other half was in the same room all the time (men never listen anyway...) We also took some time to admire Bee Ree's new watch, and comment on how heavy it was, and how you'd get larger muscles wearing it. It was just like the old times in our HB3 room (minus The Sims) If I could slow time down, I would. But I couldn't - so it was soon time to go, and we had to go.

Please visit Bee Ree's blog for more stories on this gathering, and for photos too. If the post is not there right now, it'll be there tomorrow. If it isn't, it'll be there the day after tomorrow. (My point is, Bee Ree is definitely going to blog about this)

I had such a great time today. Thank you, girls!

By Bee Ree

Oct 24 edit: Thank you dear friends for all the birthday greetings and wishes!


Joo said...

Should have named it Bumbu Bumbu lol.

Happy belated birthday Nee Lee!

neil said...

Restaurant name mutation process:
"what's the name of the place? borobudur? budur budur? bodoh bodoh?"
"bumbu bali lar"
"let's just call it bodoh bodoh"

Thanks for the greeting, Joo. You're not late, in fact, right on time ;)