Tuesday, October 9, 2007

What Makes Me Happy

Last weekend, I went shopping with my friend. We've been walking for hours without getting what we wanted, when we came across an Estée Lauder promotion booth for their fragrance. I didn't notice the name of the fragrance, but I noticed their very nice posters... something like this one I found on their site:

Since their line is "life is sweet", they used delightful little (non-edible, I believe) cakes and such to decorate their display cases. As we walked past the booth, I noticed they placed a large tv at one side, showing a cake decoration demo. Being the curious thing I sometimes am, I stopped to watch. And being a blur thing I once in a while can be, I realised it was a live demo only after a few minutes. A lady was decorating a cake at the other side of the booth, and there was a camera on her work, feeding live to the tv. Silly me.

I marched straight to the spot where the demo was, with my poor friend trailing behind. The lady completed the cake, and turned it towards the audience. People started squeezing to the front and taking out the handphones to snap photos of the cake. Why, never seen a decorated cake before? But I did the same too (if you can't beat them, join them). It was really very lovely:

And there were some others:

Then the lady said "Now, we are going to decorate some cupcakes to be given away", and she did one immediately, while her assistant decorated another. I've never seen such adorable cupcakes (except in cookery books):

The first two cupcakes were taken by aunty#1 who stretched out both hands and took both. (Yeah, some people have the nerve!) The third cupcake was taken by aunty#2 who passed it to her somebody and immediately waited for the next. The lady picked up purple icing for the next one, and upon casting eyes on it, I decided I must have it (i.e. beat aunty#2 to it). So the moment the decorating was completed, I stretched my short arm out as far as it could possibly go, and flashed the lady my best can-I-have-that look. Of course, I got the cupcake. It made my day:

I was so happy! I was happy not because I love to eat cupcakes - but because I got a cupcake, and such a delightfully pretty one! I kept telling my friend how happy I was, over and over again, that she probably had the urge the smash that cupcake into my face. But I was so happy!

We continued walking around, with me carrying the cupcake in my hands, as if it was the greatest treasure I could ever have had. I must say the marketing team for Estée Lauder had done well with this promotion, because twice shoppers came up to us and asked where we got that cupcake and twice I sent potential customers to their promotion booth. And here I am now, writing about it as well...

Princess E wrote about the little things in life that makes her happy (read it here). I can't help thinking of her post when I saw how happy a little cupcake made me. Of course, there are a lot of other things that can make me happy as well (like $$$ maybe?). So people, start looking around you for things that make you happy :)


Anonymous said...

That's a really nice cupcake! I think I can imagine your excitement at the time...aunty...kekekek


neil said...

Heheheh. It's so pretty isn't it? Tasted kinda ok too :P

Joo said...

She put it up as her yahoo avatar too. I feel the same urge to smash the cupcake at her face as her friend :P

Ok la, it's a nice cupcake...I think I will just eat it and be done with it rather than walking around with it ^^

neil said...

Well, I ate the cupcake... eventually... after taking like a dozen photos of it :D