Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Female Wrath

We were talking about how some IT people are very highly paid. Still, most of us had experienced various IT-related problems at work. I pointed that out.

"You see, pay the fella RM15k a month and he does a lousy job!"

My lovely friend was already disgruntled with the highly-paid-IT-guys fact, and that comment of mine set her off uncontrollably:

"If my IT guy is paid 15k and does a lousy job..... I'll make sure I kick his ass every morning! And then I'll -

1. Add laxative in his coffee
2. Reformat his hard disk as and when I like
3. Unplug the server anytime I feel like
4. Make sure finance delay payment to TM, so no internet connection from time to time
5. Talk bad about him around the office and bitch about him anytime I like
6. If he has a GF I will make the GF so jealous that she gives him a hard time
7. Spread malicious gossips about him to vendors
8. Steal his mobile phone and flush his sim cards into the toilet
9. Purposely open all his letters and say 'Sorry I thought they were for me'
10. Steal his parking card so he has problem applying for new one
11. If he got touch n go or smart tag... throw them away or donate to ppl who need them
12. Throw rubbish at his place so the janitor will complain - you know aunty janitor can scold very long wan lar

All these good ideas are fun!"

Moral of the story? Never offend a lady. Never ever EVER offend a smart lady with creative ideas. Never!


Joo said...

If you pay me RM15k, I can be your 24/7 IT guy with on call support, 1 hour reach your place fix your pc lol

neil said...

For RM15k, you'd better reach in 5 mins! heheheh

Joo said...

Can, if you provide me with a place to stay (like next door or next room!) and food....sure can one!

cher-ry said...

If there's such job I oso want!!!

neil said...

You'd want the job even if the accomodation provided is a 1-room atap hovel and the food is limited to instant noodles only? (OK, for 15k, I would too...)

Joo said...

Ya I will! Where do I sign up? :P

neil said...

Get in the line! heheheh