Monday, July 14, 2008

At Long Last

Yes, I think I am ready to write about this, at long last.

For the past several weeks, whenever someone asked me "How is it?", I'd say "Terrible", or "Like hell", or something equally as, if not more, negative. I am not sure if I will sound just as bad here in this post - you can conclude at the end of it.

Sure, this place is different, and sure I don't feel at home and I still have not found that sense of belonging, now nearly a month and a half into settling in. The classes have been going on tolerably well, and the kids here are generally acceptably well-behaved. More about the kids next time.

First - my office, as of the day I occupied it:

Yes, empty. It was (and still is, rather) so empty that during the first few forlorn days, the echoes of my own sneeze startled me. And then:

It doesn't look so empty anymore as little by little, I started messing up my massive desk. I was told I would be assigned an office-mate once there is one, but as of now, I am still hogging the entire space. *Can I continue to hog the whole room indefinitely?*

The view from my window is not much of a view, but at least I have a window (which I never look out of anyway...)

I must say I shouldn't complain - I have a nice and spacious office and being the small fry that I am, probably don't deserve it. Even though it has a leak in the ceiling:

Every time it rains, water will be dripping within half to three-quarters of an hour, depending on how heavy the pour is. It is pretty harmless, except if one day, the ceiling decides to collapse on me. Well then, that's all about my office. How about showing you something else that is amusing about my faculty? It has its very own stalactites! Look:

I'll admit this isn't much of an update, but it'll suffice for now. I'll write more when I'm in better shape for story-telling.


cher-ry said...

Can we go and office-crash your place?

neil said...

You're most welcome, anytime! Remember to bring food :P