Friday, July 4, 2008

Thoughts of a Coward

It goes like this -

"Oh, I don't want this anymore, but how could I say it? Your friends and all our mutual acquaintances would point their fingers at me for being heartless, which would be absolutely unbearable to my pride and ego. I have run out of excuses, I do not know how else I could elude when next you confront me. Could you please not confront me anymore? If I avoided you long enough, would you say it to me instead? I need to escape from you, physically and virtually! I shall block you on all my online communication channels, I shall block you from all my social networking profiles... oh wait - I shall block all your friends too! I know you have some pretty fierce ones, and I don't want their claws around my neck! There - I've gone into hiding."

I have seen cowards before, but none as seriously chicken droppings as this @#$%& who'd just proved ITself that IT is most definitely NOT a man! Enough - no more, ever, shall we refer to this sampah masyarakat!


Anonymous said...

Maybe COWARD tot he could dissapear from society because he was afraid of being the BAD guy to say breakup to a lovely girl [whom he doesnt deserve, even if he's turned over a HUNDRED NEW LEAVES]..

Since he hasnt the MANHOOD to face it [ohh, scary breakup.. tarnish my already tarnished reputation]. Well, he's better off without his family jewels.. Wait a few hundred years more before he can earn them back.

neil said...

You said it like no one else could! Bravo!