Thursday, October 30, 2008

His (Love) Story

Something I wrote a very long time ago, recently edited...

* * * * *

I was particularly happy yet not completely happy that day. I was happy because a friend had offered to give me a ride back to my hometown, which was three hours’ drive away. I hadn’t been home for quite some time, and was eager. Yet, there was a feeling of emptiness in me that I could not explain. It was strange, odd, weird. It was like I was missing something - or someone.

My friend dropped me off at the university campus which we'd moved out of some months before, which was still about an hour's drive from my home.

“It’s okay,” my dad said, “Just give me a call when you have reached, and I will go pick you up.”

“Call you only when I get there?”

“Of course! How else would I know you have reached?”

“But it will take you an hour!” I said.

“I am sure you can amuse yourself for an hour.” was his reply.

And so, I had an hour for which to amuse myself. Slinging my bag over my shoulders, I walked towards an academic building - let's call it Block A. There was a computer lab inside this building meant only for the Business Major students, let's call it Lab A. I used not to care about the fact that I was an Engineering Major, and used the lab at my own free will. And I was not about to bother about the fact that I was no longer a student of that campus.

I went into the Block A and it was pretty much the same as it was when I saw it last. Lab A was also as it was - glass windows and glass doors. One could see all that was in the lab just by standing outside of it. The lab was rather fully occupied and there were no available computers as far as my eyes could see. Well, that wasn’t the only lab on campus, I decided, I can always go to another.

Walking out of the building, I sighed, and my thoughts involuntarily went to her. Her, to whom my heart inclined, yet kept silent and distant. I saw her in my infatuated mind - her flawless complexion, rosy lips and sparkling eyes; her sweet smile, melodious voice and graceful gestures. I walked, I believed, dreamily out of Block A and headed towards another academic building, let's call it Block B. This building housed several other labs, meant for the Engineering Majors.

Thinking of her, I went into the building. Still thinking of her, I pressed for the elevator. The elevator came and I stepped into it, thinking of her. I reached a computer lab and found an available computer, drowning in thoughts of her. Like a clockwork, I logged on to an instant messenger service program as soon as I sat down. The list of my contacts appeared and to my utmost surprise, she was right there - online! I blinked - she was still there! I pinched myself a couple of times to make sure I was fully conscious and not dreaming.

Quickly, I sent her a message. The reply was almost immediate. I had to pinch myself again to double confirm I was not dreaming. Where was she? What was she doing? She told me she was in the campus where I was. My heart skipped a beat. The reader may think that that was just a figure of speech, but no - my heart really skipped a beat. I felt it, I'm sure! She told me she was in Lab A. Now, I didn’t see her when I was there earlier. Or did I? I could not trust my senses nor my short-term memory anymore. I was too overwhelmed!

I logged out. I had to look for her or I wouldn’t be able to sleep that night - or ever sleep again, perhaps! I rushed out of the lab and tripped over myself down the stairs - no time to waste on waiting for elevators! I got out of Block B at twice, maybe thrice, the speed I got in, and headed towards Block A. Nearing it, I consciously slowed down, calmed my breathing and wore what I hope was a devil-may-care look. I could not let her see that I was anxious to find her. I could not let her see the admiration and desperation in my eyes. Not just yet.

Lab A still looked fully occupied from the outside. I strained my eyes painfully, and searched frantically for her, but to no avail. I took a deep breath, straightened my hair and sauntered into the lab as carelessly as I could manage. My eyes scanned every face in the room. She was not there. Disappointment crushed me such that if I were not a man, I would had wept!

I turned and walked out of the lab, head drooping, eyes cast down. “One more look! Just one more!” my heart screamed. I shook my head involuntarily. “Just once more!” my heart implored. “One more look!”

Biting my lip, I turned around and there she was - looking straight back at me. I jumped with the most joyous shock I'd ever known! My heart gladly skipped another beat! I was speechless, motionless; my throat was dry, my senses numb. She was much more composed - for she smiled first, and then came towards me. We greeted each other - but I was not entirely sure of what I said. My heart thumped so hard I thought she might hear it.

I asked her how she was going home, and a sickening thought came to me - since I hadn't a car at that time, I wouldn’t had been able to give her a ride eitherway!

“I am driving,” she said.

“What about dinner?” slipped before I could stop myself, to my horror. “I mean - have you taken your dinner?”

She smiled. Oh, what a lovely, bashful smile! My heart melted before it could skip more beats.

“Yes. Took it when I first reached.”

In that moment of desperation, I almost urged her to eat a second time, with me! Thank my still sane mind that I didn't! Moments later, she took a look at her watch and made a comment on how late it was already. I realised then, that my dad too, would had reached by then. But I was so reluctant to take leave of her.

“I think I’d better go now,” she said.

It tore me to pieces, but I wished her farewell, a safe journey and other things an ardent admirer would say to his ardently admired, without directly betraying the way he felt. Then, she was gone.

I walked as if in a trance to the main gate. A familiar-looking car with a familiar-looking man in the driver's seat was there, waiting. Oh, it was my dad. I hastened my steps.

“What held you? I had been waiting for at least ten minutes!” he complained.

“Ten minutes isn’t a lot,” I replied.

“Well, considering that I was slowed down by fifteen minutes due to heavy traffic on the way, you were pretty unpunctual!”

“Sorry, dad,” I said to pacify him. I know I wasn't really sorry, because if she did not say she wanted to go, I was sure that I would happily had left my dad waiting, rather than be parted from her!

* * * * *

Thank you for reading :)


Anonymous said...

such a nice story...

Anonymous said...

this should be continued! tell us more!

neil said...

anon1 - thank you :)

anon2 - there isn't, and won't be a second part to this story, sorry :) I'm very glad you enjoyed it, thank you!

§nóflèk said...

wah... knowing you're a fulltime lecturer & mummy and still hv time to write all these - terror lar you!! :)) i myself hardly find the time to post about my own stories, let alone dream up something fictional to write :D

Anonymous said...

Have to keep continue writing....

neil said...

sno - thanks! this piece was written around y2k, and it took me only about an hour to edit and whip it into shape fit for publishing ;)

anon3 - I will keep writing. it is my passion :)

Charles Chong said...

eh , nice story, sounds like a story happened in MMU Malacca. Haha.

Anonymous said...

why isnt there a second part? you are just teasing us aren't you? don't tell us the guy gave up after that? tsk tsk...a faint heart never won a fair maiden...:-p

neil said...

charles - haha.

anon4 - do you feel teased? ;)

Joo said...



neil said...

what's TLDR?

Joo said...

Too Long Didn't Read;