Wednesday, October 8, 2008


#1 Tale of the Bean Sprouts
Music notes are known to look like taugeh (bean sprouts) for one who doesn't know how to read them, or one who hadn't been looking at them for a loooong time. I am the latter. Recently, I stumbled across a simple-looking score for piano solo of a piece of music I really liked, and decided I'd try it. I thought, how hard it could be - it looked like a Grade 3 piece at most. It wasn't until I actually sat down at a piano with it that I realised how much the notes look like taugeh to me. Being at Grade -1 that I am now, it took me several seconds to determine what note I was looking at, and several more to match it to correct the key on the piano. It was hard enough hitting the right keys, but then my fingers kept getting entangled amongst each other. It took me a whole hour of practice just to play the first 8 bars brokenly. At the end of the hour, I had to stop because my right wrist was cramping badly, and my neck and shoulders stiff. Oh boy!

#2 Tale of being Passed Around
It is quite amusing that the system here requires that I obtain authorization to perform a task that is mandatory to every person in the same capacity that I am in. It is even more amusing that when I first joined, I was not informed of these many systems and their funny, petty "requirements". A couple of days ago I sent a request through the system, to get myself authorized to perform my task. To make the long story short, I made a mistake in that request, and had to get it reverted so I could make a new one. I had to call the fella supposedly in charge several times before she answered, and when she did, told me to email her. I did. Several hours later, she forwarded my request to someone (I was in the 'cc' list), and 1 day later, that someone forwarded it to someone else, and that someone else forwarded it to yet another person. 2 days later, the other person finally replied with the news that my request had been reverted and that now I can make a new one. Pheeeewwww.

#3 Tale of the Stacks
They were big and there were so many! They were divided into two halves and carried by hand through a roughly 10-min walk. When I finally put them down on my table, my arms were trembling and drained of strength. And these stacks have to be done with within a certain deadline, and they will be the reason there may not be anymore tales from me for the next couple of weeks or so...

Well, not that I actually write tales that often, but still...

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