Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I Beg You

I flipped open the cover page and there it was, at the top of the page:

Plz Sir/Madm let me pass. Plz just let me pass is enough. I've study hard but still could't perform. I don't want to be terminated this sem. Let me continue. Plz sir let me pass.

At the bottom of the same page:

Sir/Mad., this is my second attempt. I need sympathy from u. Plz let me pass. Plz let me pass plz.

At the bottom of the next page:

I beg u from my heart. Plz let me pass. Plz.

And the next:

Plz. Plz. let me pass.

At the top of the last page:

Plz sir/mad plz let me pass. It is my second time i take this subject. I study hard but I still not satisfied and sure with my answer. I beg u. I just want to pass. Plz let me pass this subject.

OK, dear boy. I will do my best :)

(disclaimer: I do not mean to mock the poor fella. If anyone feels that this post is unethical, kindly email me and I will remove it)


cher-ry said...

Have no mercy and fail him.

neil said...

Ah, cruel world! Heheh :P