Friday, October 24, 2008

True Tales for Halloween

There were 4 of us sharing the master-bedroom, which had two bunk beds in it. 1 was shared by me and E - she on the upper-bunk, me on the lower. The other was shared by CS and Aunty S. Fresh out of secondary school, I still had the habit of going to sleep early each night, and waking up at 4 or 5 am to study. As I was accustomed to do, I would set my alarm to go off at the time I intended to wake up, but would then silence it and snooze for an additional 20 - 30 minutes.

That morning, my alarm went off at 5am. It was still dark - I got up groggily, and reached out for the alarm clock kept under my bed. The clock was purposely placed out of the usual range of my arms, so that I would have to somehow be awake enough to stretch a considerable amount of my upper body out of bed to get to it. As I stopped the ringing, I turned my face up - perhaps coincidentally, perhaps by instinct - and saw E; the dark outline of her head and shoulders stretched out of the side of her bunk, presumably staring at me. I thought, my alarm clock must had woken her as well. I flashed her an apologetic smile, and went on to snooze as usual.

I must had been really tired that day, because when next I opened my eyes, it was light - probably around 8am already. And E was sleeping cozily on the wooden floor, her head comfortably on her gigantic fluffy pillow. It didn't surprise me because it wasn't the first time E had moved onto the floor in the middle of the night - she always did so when it got too warm or stuffy in the room. I got up, followed by the others shortly. I told E I was sorry that my alarm clock woke her up earlier that morning.

"No, it didn't" she said.

But it did! I saw her up and looking at me from her bunk. Then, she woke up and went down to continue sleeping on the floor!

"No, I was sleeping on the floor since last night. I didn't sleep in my bed at all." she said.

I was struck speechless. Don't tease me, I said.

"She was sleeping on the floor since last night." CS confirmed.

No, I wasn't dreaming. I was wide awake, and I saw "her" looking back at me from her bunk! I saw... oh gosh, what did I see?!

(Note: I would like to ask the reader to share any experiences of similar nature through the comment feature. I would like to see how many we can gather by Halloween!)

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Chris said...

Sounds like the thing that I saw when I was in Old Klang Road:

My house mate has a visitor that day... so as we know, gals like to chat until middle of the night. I was damn tired due to a long day at the library, so, I went to the bed at 12 and fast asleep.

I woke up around 3am and I was thirsty. So I walk to the kitchen which is right across my room for a glass of water.

By then, I saw a gal with long hair sitting at the living room... She was kind of staring at me...

I felt nothing because I was tired and I was thirsty... so I drank the glass of water and walk back to my room and continuing sleeping.

Then, I asked my house mate the next morning, that they stayed up pretty late to chit chat. They said they did not, in fact they hit the bed pretty early around 12:45am because they wanted to go somewhere the next morning to shop... and by then, I noticed something: My house mate and her friend did not have long hair... so who was that?