Monday, May 4, 2009

Mother's Day

Somewhen last week, I teased my mom. I said, Mother's Day is coming soon, and it's about time I went and bought a Mother's Day gift for myself.

What, she said, not for her?

Nope, I said.

But, she replied, she wanted a gift from me!

Well, I said, what about Grandma? Shouldn't she think about what she wanted to get Grandma?

She stays too far away, my mom said. I could hear the sulk in her voice. I knew should stop teasing then - before she wonders why she didn't just eat me the moment I was born, like my (late)hamster did her imperfect young. This terrible daughter!

But, of course I got her something - I always did (even if I didn't, I'd take her to a nice dinner...)

Tupperware for her to store unfinished food, for when I don't go home for dinner without informing her :P

I love my Mummy :)

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