Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Staring Strangers

Strangers stare at me when I put my groceries into my nice, reusable shopping bag. They stare at me when I sit in a cafe alone, with a drink and a book, for an hour. They stare at me when I pulled my car into the tiniest spot with barely enough space for me to open the door and get out. They stare as I ran into a shop, and they stare, in 5 minutes when the errand was done, as I ran back to my car. And they stare as I backed my car precariously out of that tiniest spot. Strangers simply love to stare!

Once, a few of us walked into a seafood restaurant for lunch. We were thoroughly enjoying ourselves when we felt that we were being... erm, "observed". We then noticed that strangers at the adjacent tables kept turning their heads towards us, and staring. They just stared and stared... and I don't understand why!

Why - had they never seen girls having fun laughing?

Had they never seen anyone lick a spoon?

Or never seen anyone pick her teeth?

Or photographing food?

Or consuming food?

Now, must these strangers keep staring? What was there to look at, really? I just don't get it!

23rd June edit:
The proper write-ups of
1. The Lunch
2. The After-Lunch


cher-ry said...

They were staring at the tele at the back of us....I mean watching

Ian Tan said...

oh i c ... means ms ahemmm was perasan larh ... uhuk uhuk ...

neil said...

They were staring! They were, they were! Ahem!

Anonymous said...

stare somemore i korek their eyes out!

cher-ry said...

However if they were staring, I am not surprised for we were a RSSYT group. :P

neil said...

I think they were jealous because they could never be as RSSYT as we were (and have so much fun being)!