Friday, May 8, 2009

The Picture of a Thousand Expressions

Earlier in the week I noticed my friend had a new avatar - I found it such an adorably odd choice for an image used to represent oneself online, that I simply had to ask her - what was it that put that look on her face?

She said she was eagerly waiting for her claypot chicken rice, and it turned out the rice wasn't cooked. I am not sure I could follow the logic of the tale, or how it was possible that the rice turned out uncooked, assuming the chicken was cooked. Anyhow, it must had been the most awful thing - the most maddening, most depressing, most confounding - to had put on her face, this expression -

*Published with the permission of the person pictured*

If only I can make it into an emoticon! What sentiments I can express with it!

"My boyfriend never gave me flowers"
"I got some lovely flowers, but they wilted within 2 days"
"I am so broke I have to survive on bread till the end of the month"
"I hate ironing, but have to do it every weekend"
"I get caught in the jam every morning going to work"
"I get caught in the jam every evening coming home from work"
"I have to work..."


Hardly a thousand there, but you get the idea.


cher-ry said...

more like face needing financial aid....can used for along advertisement...

"Need financial help? Worry no more!!! Call 016-xxxx ~~~~~"

Sophia Khee said...

ahahahah michelle you are so cute