Friday, May 1, 2009

She is...

She was the girl who once brought more eggs than needed for a cooking class at school, the surplus which broke in her bag during art class. Three of us - she, and two busybodies - fussed over the mess right there and then, while the art teacher was teaching, and were made to stand outside the classroom till the end of the class, as punishment for "not paying attention".

She was the girl who once, while walking away, turned to say goodbye to me. She took so long to say that goodbye, she wasn't looking where she was going for a step too many - and turned her head back in time to knock into a post. It was the first and last time I'd ever seen anyone walking straight into a post, thus far in my life.

She was the girl who once, when walking down a flight of narrow stairs, missed a step, fell, and brought at least 4 girls, who were walking just ahead of her, down with her. Yes, me included - we landed in a heap at the bottom of the stairs, laughing.

She was the girl who once found a kitten with one eye green and the other blue at school. We called it Michael J. Cat (Mikey for short), and kept it for several days before it ran away and disappeared.

She was the girl who shared laughter, tears, dreams, fears and aspirations with me through the past 18 years (and still counting). She is my bestfriend.

And she got married today!



Angeline Wong said...

Sniff, sniff.. That's a good writeup.. Cheers to our friendship! God bless us! =)

neil said...