Friday, January 28, 2011

Climber's Marks

We get these scrapes on the back of our hands, mostly around the knuckles, when we go for overhang climbs. The wounds are usually not serious, but somehow, the scars just stay.

They call them the Climber's Marks. Someone said that if one doesn't have them, one hasn't climbed hard enough. I have multiple scars on both hands (and elbows too!), but I don't think I actually climb that hard every time. I guess I'm just more careless than the regular climber is.

Methinks mine shall be called... the Clumsy Climber's Marks!


Anonymous said...

u sure have a white smooth hands....not to sound creepy jz complementing

neil said...

Unfortunately, that's just the illusion produced by the combination of poor lighting and a low-resolution camera...