Sunday, January 23, 2011

Fellow Enthusiasts

Dear Reader, do you like photography? Do you like photographing food? If so, have you ever felt awkward at dinners when you have to politely request the hungry diners to hold on (or directly forbid them to touch anything) while you took your shots? I do suppose civility could be overlooked if we're amongst close, forgiving friends, (or if you're a famous food blogger, and even strangers at your table are acquainted with your "work"). Otherwise, I'd usually settle for photographing what I've placed on my own plate:

It is absolutely grand, therefore, if there are others at the table who are equally into preserving each dish served in pixels. Hey, if the others couldn't wait 15 seconds for a crazy person with a camera, surely they could give allowance for 3 crazy persons with 3 cameras (plus a Nexus One)...

So, we were free to indulge. And we did!

This is the very first dish of deep-fried soft-shell crabs, something else and something else:

Poor little suckling piggy (but sooo good!):

The "Ying Yang" Pomfret:

I have no idea which part of the dish is Ying and which is Yang. The stir-fried fillet and the deep-fried skeleton, perhaps? In that case, we only ate one of the "elements"...

Some huge prawns (not worth the trouble of shelling 'em):

At times, I got distracted by other interesting affairs around me and went gallivating around, only to find, upon my return, the newly-served dish half-gone. So there was no other choice than to make do with what's on my plate:

Longevity noodles:

Yes, it is noodles under all those shredded chicken and crab meat.

Another round of wandering later, I came back to a miserable leftover of 4 buns out of a huge plateful:

The fellows laughed (sympathetically, I'm sure) at me, and said they'd taken enough shots to share with me, so I shouldn't fret. Well, well!

Wonderful it was, indeed, to have company who understood!


§nóflèk said...

when is our next food outing?? :D i don't have to feel paiseh when fellow food bloggers are eating hehe

neil said...

Let's plan one! I'm not a food blogger, but I really do enjoy taking photos of 'em =P

§nóflèk said...

since this is a new year, i haven't done any broadway/orchestra/theatre yet, it's a clean slate so lets aim for one soon!