Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year

Hello, readers! Instead of resolutions (which I seriously despise), I shall share a list of lessons I've learned in the past year:

1. If you eat a tiny fish at lunch, you will be hungry before it's time for yoga.

2. If you ate a stale fish at lunch, you will have an upset tummy and irritable bowels the next day.

3. If while you're not yet completely recovered from having eaten a stale fish you ate more fish (even if they're non-stale), you will have an upset tummy for the rest of the week.

4. If you boycott all the stalls serving oily fried rice and stale fish, you will have nothing else to eat.

5. If you talk to your roomees about roast pork and assam fish 10 minutes before you go to class, you will be hungry until the end of it.

6. If you let your fringe grow long and unruly enough, you will get ink stains on your face at the end of the class.

7. If you wear baju kurung / kebaya to work, people will ask you if you have official functions or meetings - no matter how many times you've done so previously, and explained that they were for no particular reason.

8. If you noticed someone has put on a little weight and you ask her if she is pregnant, the answer is most certainly NO, even if she actually is (therefore, NEVER EVER ask!)

9. If you look up and say hi to someone while halfway down the stairs, you will fall the rest of the way.

10. If you do a dynamic move (on the climbing wall) with your left arm, you will injure your left shoulder.

11. If you attempt a bouldering problem before the aforementioned injured left shoulder is healed, you will hurt it even more.

12. If while belaying you keep the rope slack because the climber insisted it, you will be lifted off your feet and hurled towards the wall when he falls unexpectedly (but it's fun!)

13. If you do not want to run to faculty office 3 times in 2 days only to be told the refill ink you wanted isn't available, buy your own.

14. If you're by nature clumsy and you keep cacti, you will get thorns in your fingers every now and then.

15. If your roomee complains that eclairs are too troublesome to make and you disagree, you will be tasked to make them instead (OK roomee, I will, but yikes...)

Fine - not very useful, I'll admit.

Let's hope we'll all have love, laughter and good health in great abundance always! Happy new year =)


§nóflèk said...

haha quite funny, though lessons learnt can be resolutions in that they remind you to be more careful this year lol

neil said...

Let's hope so. Happy New Year to you, Sno!