Sunday, September 28, 2008


I resent this thing, which is boldly displayed on campus:

If you're an academician and you don't, you ought to. Specifically, I object to the use of the word remedy here. My dictionary defines remedy as

1. a way of dealing with or improving an unpleasant or difficult situation
2. a treatment or medicine to cure a disease or pain ...
3. a way of dealing with a problem, using the processes of the law

So does KFC imply, with that poster, that lectures are basically unpleasant/diffcult? Like a disease/pain? A problem that needed to be dealt with?

The person who wrote this ad, and/or the person who hired the person who wrote it, and/or the person who approved the person who hired the person who wrote it must be less than a half-wit. It is quite likely he never attended any of his unpleasant, difficult, painful, problematic lectures before. Of course, if lectures made him sick, then it makes perfect sense that he'd rather sacrifice his grey matter development and live with stunted cognitive processes than to endure being ill so much. Hard to imagine that the insufferable lectures were harder to endure than a public humiliation of having written a statement which insults every lecturer in the university in which it is displayed. But then it would be too much to ask of someone who hasn't intelligence enough to know lectures are good for him to realise the gravity of his idiocy and to understand the meaning of shame, let alone to feel it or be affected by it.

Well done, KFC guy who hired the hollow-skulled fool who wrote this, and approved it. You are welcome to remedy my indignation with a big fat apology, or some big fat vouchers for fried chicken. Bee Ree would definitely love to share those with me.


cher-ry said...

I want I want I want!!!! I want the KFC vouchers!!!!

neil said...

But I didn't get any... :(