Thursday, September 18, 2008

Would I?

If I loved someone - truly loved someone, would I not exert more effort to know her, to understand her wants and needs, to take an interest in her complexity?

Could I notice the glow fading from her mien, her smiles and laughter becoming a memory of the distant past? Could I be sensitive to, be conscious of the pain and frustration she has kept within her stoic, silent facade? Could I sense her melancholy, loneliness, emptiness? Could I recognise the times she needed someone, and what she needed from him? Could I be able to see that while I would go on living my life, she would wallow hers to waste?

If I know that her heart would break if I couldn't do all that, I would! I would strive, I would try my very best, I would. But she must not expect that of me - I wouldn't know her heart would break, for I am a man. Still, she would, for she is a woman.

And away she would drift. When she is lost to me, would I be baffled, and wonder why? Yes, I would.


cher-ry said...

To the world you may be One person, but to one person you may be the WORLD.

Anonymous said...

I am not the best person to give a comment because from many instances, I will considered myself a failure... because sometime when you thought working hard to strive a better future is good, but what she really wants from you is a simple 'hello' from now and then...a simple 'how do you do?', a hug, and etc. will be sufficient... don't you agreed?

Anonymous said...

u need to TELL HIM how u feel...guys are sometimes very blur...drop him obvious hints. guys are not good at reading a woman's emotions, unless they are descendants of casanova...:-) so please, just TELL HIM.

neil said...

Cherry, Anon1 & Anon2 - THANK YOU.