Sunday, September 14, 2008

Where Art Thou?

I'd known her since I was 7 years old. We went to school together and for a year or two, I spent afternoons after school at her place till my mother got home from work. I moved away when I was 11 but we'd always been in touch. We'd sent Chinese New Year greeting cards to each other every single year for as long as I could remember. For some weird, unexplained reasons, we never felt the need to initiate more than the exchange of cards once a year, until a few years back, when we exchanged emails. Regretfully, after the first few e-correspondences, we were back to CNY cards buddies.

Recently, due to some very exciting happenings, I am compelled to look for her and to include her in all the excitement. Alas - her last known email was inactive, and I was unable to locate her on any of the social networking sites, despite having tried searching using various combinations of her name. I realised I do not have any other of her contacts other than that now unusable email address - I do not even have her mobile phone number! (Yes, I still have her house number, the 6-digit type from 20 years back...) Where art thou, dear friend? :(

Well, desperate times call for desperate measures. I have her house address, and...

Yup, I dug out my fancy writing paper and a sweet, coloured envelope, and proceeded to write her an old-fashioned, dino-era letter - something which is, perhaps, unthinkable in these days of Internet, 3G etc. ?

This had got to be the first letter, of this style and nature, that I wrote in like ten years perhaps! It felt strangely good - very intimate, special and old-school. It reminded me of my younger days when I lived days writing letters and waiting for Mr Postman to deliver the replies to me. Aaahhhh!

Done! And as I commissioned it to be dispatched to the nearest post-office, I realised I forgot to write the conventional "Thank you, Mr Postman!" at the lower right corner of the envelope! Gah! Next time la (there will still be a next time, I hope)

Dare I hope to get a reply within a week?


Sophia Khee said...

she will get a shock when she receive it! did u leave ur phone number or facebook account?

neil said...

if I didn't, she can write to me at my return address...