Monday, September 15, 2008

Mid-Autumn Dinner

It was Mid-Autumn Festival yesterday - a day where people "celebrate" by eating mooncakes, and inaccurately refer to as "Mooncake Festival". Some friends and I decided to gather for a homely, simple dinner.

I called my mother.

"Oh good! Get rid of the prawns. They are taking a lot of space in my freezer!"

And she gave me the prawns. I knew she had this stash of XL prawns, but I really didn't expect them to be this XL:

Conversely, you can argue that my hand is small, but it remains that the prawns were huge! And I was given a whole bunch of them:

And ta-daaaa:

Not that pretty, yea? No matter, will do all the same.

Thanks dearies for finishing every single bit, for the green tea mooncake, and for the beers and snacks! We should do this more often (but do take turns with the cooking!)
Happy Mid-Autumn!


cher-ry said...

OH!!! I missed this!!!!

neil said...

We'll be having KFC soon enough! ;)