Saturday, November 27, 2010

My Good Roomee (Again)

Once more, I know I have one when -

I rattled on for a good part of half an hour about this horrible thing that happened to me. The words were tumbling forth in furious torrents, accented with fully-CAPPED phrases here and there.

She said, "Given your being so extreme when telling stories, I'm sure I shouldn't imagine it was really that bad."

Argh, but it was really bad! Fine, maybe not the-end-of-the-world bad. Does she have to know me so well?

She then said, "Come, roomee sayang you. *Hug Hug*".

Yes, I guess, regardless of all, she knew all along that all I needed was a lil' bit of attention and love. She knows me too well for my own good.

Yay, Roomee! =)

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