Friday, November 5, 2010

Shoulder Injury

I pulled something (seriously, I don't know what) in or around my left shoulder joint about a month ago. I don't exactly know how or when - though my best guess is the day I attempted a bouldering route, and did a dynamic move (= a small jump on the wall) to get to an out-of-reach hold with my left hand. The left arm is obviously not strong enough to withstand such strain, and therefore, I think, that was the instant I sustained the injury. It is funny how one doesn't really feel the pain until the adrenaline rush is over - which is usually much later.

For three weeks I endured it - though not in stoic silence - thinking it would eventually go away. It didn't, and it frustrated some people around me because I kept complaining about this pain-in-my-shoulder, but did not take up any of their suggestions to see a doctor or apply compressions. It wasn't an intense, unendurable pain (which explains my initial apathy), though it sure was irritating and persistent.

It was when the pain started interfering with my life - I couldn't bend my arm backwards, lift it high, turn the steering wheel properly, or straighten it for certain yoga poses without feeling a somewhat sharp pain, and I daren't climb (!!!) - I decided I had to do something.

So, I started applying cold compression. The instructions on the freezable gel-pack say to apply within days of the injury. Well, too late for following that then.

I've been freezing the entire area around my left shoulder every night for a little more than a week now. If it is doing any good, the rate of recovery is so slow that I don't really notice it, although the pain does seem less severe (managed to go up the speed-wall last week somewhat pain-free). That, or I'm getting used to it such that I don't feel it so acutely anymore (ahem!).

Oh well, even if the cold isn't healing my injury, it's still fine, for once the gel-pack gets defrosted enough, I'd put it over my eyes instead. That's suppose to get rid of them eye-bags, isn't that? I'm looking forward to being sans eye-bags now! OK, even if that doesn't happen, it's still comfy to have the cool gel over them tired eyes.....

Finally, I can stop complaining; people around me can now heave sighs of relief!


CHER-RY said...

U wanna come and stay inside my cold room for some cold compression treatment? :P

neil said...

I'd have to do the shoulder-stand then, because the floor is the coldest! *brrrrr* :P

CHER-RY said...

Nee Lee: Shoulder stand will further injure ur wat's the point la??