Monday, November 29, 2010

Pointless Rant

Sometimes, I really can't stand the way some people talk. In order to save myself from the mostly-insuppressible urge to tell them off, I'd have to stop focusing on the present and start thinking about something else. It is not that my mind doesn't drift off unintentionally during times I actually ought to be paying attention - but this has to be like, really making a conscious effort to not listen to the crap lest I should roll my eyes to the point of being noticed.

Some people are unable to make a point without twisting and turning the facts, or beating around the bush, or sounding as if they're trying too hard to pitch for something. Plus, at the same time they're irritating me with their fake smiles and rubbish talk, they're letting their phones go off, answering the calls, reading and replying SMSes, or just fiddling with their phones without the slightest regard to the propriety of any of it during a meeting. To me, it's simply RUDE. Period.

So, they might think we academicians are just pompous snobs who don't know much beyond our endless theoretical studies, who live in our own little worlds and are not the least acquainted with how the real world works. Well, fine. (I probably don't speak for all academicians, but) I like it that way. I do. In addition to being in academic, I'm also a (mostly unpublished) writer and an occasional (also unpublished) poet. Do you know how many little worlds of my own I live in? I have no time and no intention to linger in your "real" world.

There - call me whatever (arrogant, obnoxious, mental, or all of the preceding) you wish.

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