Wednesday, November 10, 2010


So, Bee Ree said JS will not disappoint us. Disappoint? I don't think that word should ever exist in the same fragment as his name.

He covered the meat in spices, marinated it overnight, then slow-roasted it over 9 hours. NINE hours. Just before dinner, he fired it up such that the skin crackled and crisped to perfection. It was perfection personified.

We were still thinking about it, looking at photos of it, and drooling over 'em, two days later. Shell Shell said we are all addicted to it. It was 12:30am on Monday night and Mee Mee and I were up, talking about it - fine hour to be flaming our greed and lust for it. She said over and over, that it would be quite a while before she could accept any other roast pork. I think everyone feels much the same.

And that was just Chef's Signature Roast Pork:

What about the Pasta that Chef is also very famous for?

What about these baked Root Vegetables?

And this?



And the incredibly awesome Banana Souffle(s):

Oh, yes - we were spoilt. We were spoilt silly. We were spoilt beyond help. Thank you sooo much for having us over and pampering us with great food and superb company. =)

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CHER-RY said...

Wow Nee Lee u took a nice pic of the souffle. Mine was deflated liao :P

happy to know u enjoyed the dinner....we'll do it again soon prollie for xmas...

but xmas eat Turkey hor?

neil said...

Mine was starting to deflate too when I took the pics... could hear Chef ordering everyone to start eating while they're still hot :P

Turkey for Christmas? =P~~~~~