Thursday, July 7, 2011

Embracing Misery

This day is a significant one. Whether positively or otherwise, time will tell.

I remember the time when my weekdays were completely consumed by work, weeknights and weekends, if not also occupied by unfinished work, then by additional work I had imposed upon myself. It was the time when there was absolutely no room for leisure nor indulgence. Every moment spent watching TV, reading a novel or a magazine, writing tales, even sleeping, was laden with guilt and afterwards, regret. Bouts of despair, panic, helplessness, leading to depression were common, and afflicted me often. Misery, is what it was. Yet, is it possible that something in me revels in being miserable? How else, could I explain my tendency to make choices that I know will cause me to suffer? And yet...

Today marks the beginning.

We're taking the road less traveled by; let's hope we'll at least have some fun alongside the pain =)

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