Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Farewell, Cruel World

Weep for me when I am gone,
Think of me every so often,
Miss my voice, my lively conversation,
Miss my gait, my cheerful countenance;
Every now and then, give thought
To the delight and laughter I had brought,
However small, trifle and dispensable
Which gave you joy, even if just a little.

Weep for me when I am gone,
Weep a while, but do not mourn -
Dwell on the days when we were happy,
The days we felt our hearts could be free,
And their yearnings, longings so fulfilled
That they know not want nor guilt;
Dwell on the best times we had shared,
Or dwell not at all, should you be sad.

Farewell, indeed, all things earthly -
Isn't death grand, isn't it lovely?

Now, should this be the last post I write, those would certainly be the last words I'd leave the world. Well, not that I believe the world really cares. And why should it? Every one dies, so why not I, why not today, why not in two weeks? After all, I will be embarking on a journey so perilous, I was told the chances of surviving it, with the necessary safety gear in place, would be fifty percent.....

Right, it's just whitewater rafting. It's going to be my first time, but I doubt it's crazier than Bukit Tabur, and I highly doubt I should die attempting it.

I don't wish to die; at least, I wish it much less than that all the horribleness on earth would just drop off the face of it. That, which I have absolutely no control over. That alone made saying farewell to this world just so satisfying in itself. Ha!

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