Monday, July 11, 2011

Please Respect My Fats

My wonderful Roomee and I were discussing ways to get slimmer and she told me that slimming centers are nasty places that we should never go to. At the very least, that one to which she went for a trial session, is. She started by saying she thought it would be spa-like inside, but it was like she paid to suffer.

"I was like - my fats, although are fats, are still a part of me... why wanna be so mean to them?"

I laughed right out, and couldn't stop. She went on:

"I was positive the lady who treated me had this idea that my tummy was a piece of char siew*! Raw one, of course..."

I don't know what exactly the lady did to her - probably pressed real hard - but it was definitely pain-filled.

"Like wanna make the meat tender that kind. Might as well bring out the tenderizer!"

By then, I was laughing so hard I'm sure I was burning quite some extra calories.

"See, your tummy isn't treated with respect, right? Crazy place!"

For obvious reasons I should not disclose the name of this "crazy place", but I can say, very assuredly, I am totally convinced I should never pay it a visit. Not that I would need it, after all that laughing... I feel tighter abs already (though I'm sure that's from the resultant cramps, but a little self-delusion every now and then doesn't hurt)!

*char siew = Chinese BBQ pork


ooshellshelloo said...

i dun think our dear roomies need to go to lose weight lor..

neil said...

Not via pain & suffering, at least :P