Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tummy "Exercise"

At the end of the yoga class I went for earlier, our very sexy (yea, I just have to include this description!) instructor made us do some abdominal crunches. Now, abs workout being a part of a yoga class is very normal, for core strength is indeed important for a lot of poses, especially the balance ones (along with back strength, arms strength, legs strength, etc., but let's leave that for a different post). Therefore, I didn't think much of it. After the crunches though, she told us to lie flat on our backs, and massage the tummy area. Although my thoughts instantly flew to the conversation I had with my roomee about slimming, I still had the notion that all that rubbing was just to relax the recently-cramped abdominal muscles.

Then she said, "Now, pinch your tummy!"

I just had to laugh because I thought of my tummy now being the piece of char siew to be treated without respect! Anyway, being an obedient student, I proceeded to pinch my fats lovingly...

"Pinch harder, until it hurts! Otherwise, the fats won't go away!"

I stopped short - pinch until it hurts? What, do I look dumb? I'm not going to hurt myself!

"This is what they do when you go for slimming massages... so you might as well do it yourself - for free..."

Gah! No way I'm going to pinch my fatty tummy until it hurts!

"Now, slap hard the area around your tummy..."

And I heard ferocious slappings *piak piak piak* all around the studio. These people really were abusing their fat-filled middles with a lot of enthusiasm. I respect their determination! Meanwhile, my tummy got some endearing pats from me.

I guess slimming centers exist for the likes of me, who find it impossible to inflict pain upon themselves, therefore needing a therapist to do it instead. Now, I can understand what my roomee went through. Crazy! If this is what it takes to have a totally flat tummy, I'd rather be content to live with *some* flab!

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