Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Complaints Privilege

Being a student where I teach can be so fun and exciting. Without taking into account the facts that he's out of his parents' sight and grasp, being free to party all night, drinking, smoking, ogling at skimpily-dressed girls; life is still interesting enough - having the complaints privilege. What on earth is that, you may ask. Well, here's a list of the highlights of this special privilege from the point of view of the student:

1. If my lecturer comes in to class late - even if it's a minute - I can complain that he is not punctual. Of course, if I go to class late then it's my business.

2. If I go to class late and my lecturer does not accept my reason (oversleeping is a VERY VALID reason!) and scolds me, I can complain that he is harsh, unfair and unreasonable.

3. If my lecturer refuses to give me soft/hard copy notes, and force me to make my own notes during lecture, I can complain that he is lazy to give ready-made notes, and he is abusing me (I can copy at the speed of 3 words per hour, and he makes me copy down his entire lecture? Ridiculous!)

4. If I asked my lecturer to dismiss the class early and he complied, I can still complain that he irresponsibly dismisses classes if I failed the course in the end :Þ

5. If I ask my lecturer for solutions and he refuses to give (hey, giving me complete solutions to 5 or 6 past year final exam papers isn't too much to ask ok - you won't take that much time working them out, right?) I can complain that he is incompetent and not helpful at all.

6. If I cannot understand the lesson that is presented by the lecturer in a language he claims is English, I can complain that he lacks teaching skills and cannot convey the lectures effectively. (ei, i get u know in SPM A glade for my engelis wan you know or not. you wan say my engelis bad. you is tink you so gud!)

7. If my lecturer is annoyed and shouts at me in class because I still have not learned a concept that he's repeated 10 times, I can complain that he is impatient and impulsive. (afterall, what is the big deal repeating a lesson 10 times - I'm a paying customer, so I listen only when I please)

8. If I was rude to my lecturer and he reprimanded me for that, I can complain that he is insensitive and fierce (a rude teenager is natural, and therefore, totally acceptable - there is no need for reprimands)

9. If my lecturer penalises me for plagiarising (borrowing a softcopy of my friend's assignment and printing it out as mine is defined as "groupwork" or "referencing", not plagiarising, whatever that means!) I can complain that he is prejudiced and unprofessional.

10. If for no reason I simply disliked the lecturer, I can complain that his lecture is mundane and monotonous; or I can complain that he dresses up real badly and demotivates me; or I can complain that he speaks too fast/slow/loud/soft; or pretty much anything else. I can complain as I please. :D

This place is paradise for students! Anyone?

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