Friday, May 13, 2005

The Miracle of Life!

The new plant? A post for the new plant? While the old one is hardly cold! :Þ

This is how the flower egg looks before it is broken. Of course the one pictured here is not the one sitting on my desk in the office. This one contains the seeds of the Mimosa Pudica. I got it like 2 days after I got my first one. Just can't resist the temptation sometimes. :)
I am yet to break it. Soon, perhaps.

And this one is how the flower egg looks once the top is broken. The eggshell is ceramic, the inside filled with some kind of fiber, and some very fine stones. The seeds are actually not visible, probably buried deep below the surface. Of course, the egg pictured here is not mine as well - it's my colleague's! She was so captivated by my egg when I first brought it to work, that she asked me to get one for her the following week!

Now this is mine! Taken early this morning, this photograph shows my flower egg seven days after it was first broken and watered. The sprouts were hardly discernible two days ago, and about 1cm tall (the tallest one) yesterday. Man, once they grow out of the fiber, they grow fast!

And THIS is how TALL my flower-egg babies are just before I left the office today. The sprouts are very obviously inclined to the left. The egg is placed on the topmost shelf of my workdesk, and from its position, the nearest light is on the left. The sprouts are all heading for the light! This is just too cute!
There are all in all about 10 sprouts growing at the moment. I have no idea how big they will grow to be, and if the seemingly already crowded ceramic egg can fit all of them. Probably when they are getting too snug, I will have to break the entire egg, and transfer the whole bunch of them into a bigger pot. But I so love that egg! I have to admit it was the sheer idea of a ceramic flower pot in the shape of an egg that attracted me so much in the first place. Of course, I am now equally enthralled by the little miracles sprouting out, providing me small amounts of life-sustaining oxygen... and I will be equally captivated by the promised red blossoms once the plants flower!

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